Plaice / Turbot Rattling Bead End Traces Rigs

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Plaice/Turbot Rattling Bead end rig for boat fishing new hand made with 30lb  mono , Aberdeen hook 8mm beads , two rattling beads size 2 swivel approximately 60cm long
                                 Comes in  different Colours 
Red Rattling Bead - Black & Orange
Red Rattling Bead - Black & Yellow
Red Rattling Bead - Orange & Yellow

Silver Rattling Bead -Black & Orange
Silver Rattling Bead - Black & Yellow
Silver Rattling Bead - Orange & Yellow
Silver Rattling Bead - Black & Green

White Rattling Bead Black & Orange
White Rattling Bead - Black & Green
White Rattling Bead - Orange & Green
White Rattling Bead - Black & Yellow

Green Rattling Bead - Black & Green
Green Rattling Bead - Black & Yellow

           QTF Tip : Use rag worm or lug worm tipped off with squid for best 

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